Custom Services And Technologies

By combining off-the-shelf tools available from Canon and other industry leaders with our own research and development in image processing, we provide customers with innovative automation solutions for a number of previously inefficient, time-consuming or error-prone processes. Below we have listed some of the solutions we provide:

Automated Document Recognition (ADR)

We have customers who receive large numbers of invoices from thousands of different suppliers worldwide. The sorting of these invoices by supplier prior to approval by management was a long and costly process. We developed software to analyse and automatically sort these invoices, reducing the workload by up to 80%.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) by Zone

When scanning large volumes of similar documents (eg invoices, bills of lading) we have developed a low-cost option for automatically reading text from defined areas on the document. This then allows us to use the information to save the image with a meaningful filename, save to a document management system, or even populate a database or spreadsheet.

 Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) for automated data collection

By designing and using a specialised form layout, it is possible to read data off forms with near 100% precision. We can help to design an OMR-friendly form and provide the utilities to electronically read these forms reliably, while using the resultant data to populate the data store of your choice, like a database or spreadsheet.