Digital Transformation Malta 2020

The journey to a completely digital environment. Challenges, Pitfalls, Tools and Success Stories

5th November | 8:30am | Xara Lodge

CPE Accreditation hours

This event has been accredited with 3.5 hours Professional Development Competency by the Malta Institute of Accountants in terms of the Accountancy Board’s Accreditation Rules. 

About the event

This half-day conference will shed light on the challenges and the possible solutions facing businesses as they strive to make their organisations less paper-based and more digital. Many companies find it difficult to know where to start – others have digitised parts of the organisation but have no overall plan and are not reaping the full benefits.

Malta’s top authority on Artificial Intelligence will discuss how you should make AI central to your digitisation strategy and show you real-world examples of how this is already working in Maltese businesses.

International speakers representing various technology companies related to digitisation, process automation, e-Signature, digital conservation and print security will offer their insight into potential pitfalls and offer concrete solutions.

Why attend

Digital Transformation in an organisation is one of those areas which is so wide-ranging in scope that it’s often very difficult to identify who should be driving the project. Since technology is such a big part of a “Digital” transformation, it often falls to the IT Department or CIO. However, the “Transformation” can only really take effect if people in Management or Operations are driving this forward to ensure that this is not digitisation just for digitisation’s sake, but really it becomes about making the organisation leaner, faster and more efficient in everything that it does.

This conference is of course, not trying to be everything to everybody, but we are trying to bring business leaders together with technology leaders in the first part of the morning, with a real focus on real-world problems and the corresponding opportunities.

The second part of the conference is split into separate Business and Technical streams so that we can talk directly about how some of these can affect your business and also give some insights on how best to implement these new technologies.


Finally, after the conference, you should be in a far better position to discuss your organization’s Digital Transformation, from both a technological and a business improvement perspective, as well as be given some great examples of a number of the more taxing problems the speakers have encountered and how the companies have solved them.

Who should attend

Participants will include entrepreneurs, business leaders and cross-functional team leaders spearheading digital transformation initiatives within their organisations. Organisations who are looking to improve any part of their business process or businesses by means of technology would be advised to attend.

Representative job functions and titles include :

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • CIO
  • Accountants and Finance Officers
  • Director of Innovation
  • Director of Design Research
  • Knowledge Management
  • Change Strategy Consultant
  • General Manager
  • IT Strategy & Digital Innovation
  • Operations & Infrastructure
  • Compliance Officers
  • Technology Executives
  • Document Management & Archiving Specialists
  • Etc. 

PDC Certification

This event has been accredited with 3.5 hours Professional Development Competency by the Malta Institute of Accountants in terms of the Accountancy Board’s Accreditation Rules. Certificates will be given to the following upon request :

  • MIA Members non-warrant holder
  • MIA Members warrant holders
  • Non-MIA members warrant holders  


Nick Camilleri
Managing Director - Avantech Limited

Nick Camilleri is managing director of Avantech and he started his career in software development in 1987, building automation systems for the manufacturing industry. His development experience started with 4GL development languages in Windows and Linux environments and has continued since to encompass the latest in Windows .NET, Mobile and Cloud technologies.  Nick also started Avantech’s own Scan2x Intelligent Document Scanning software application, now sold by Canon across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Nick has delivered training on document management and digital transformation throughout EMEA at numerous events, and has grown Avantech to be both a leading office equipment distributor and a supplier of document scanning software to Canon.

Steve Casaletto
Director of Technology - Avantech Limited

Steve Casaletto is the Director of Technology at Avantech and has been a technology consultant at PwC and Deloitte for a combined 18 years. He also ran his own technology company for 11 years. His experience in Software Development, Networking and Training on Technology has enabled him to bring a unique perspective to larger projects, which has been particularly beneficial during the transition of Scan2x from a windows based product to a Cloud-Based and Multiplatform solution being sold Internationally.

Steve has done extensive lecturing in Microsoft technologies from the development to the networking arena and has been a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 1999. He has taught numerous topics from Windows NT4 to Visual Studio to SharePoint to Dynamics CRM. Since joining Avantech, his main training focus has been on Digital Transformation and document management with Therefore and with the creation of the curriculum and deliverables of the Scan2x Academy.

Profs. Alexiei Dingli B.Sc.IT
(Hons)(Melit.), Ph.D. (Sheffield), M.B.A. (Grenoble)
Head of Department, Artificial Intelligence - University of Malta

Prof Alexiei Dingli, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Department Head at the University of Malta, has been conducting research and working in AI for 20 years. His work, rated World Class by international experts, won the Semantic Web Challenge award, the e-Excellence Gold Seal award, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Award for Creativity, and among others was also awarded 1st prize by the European Space Agency, the Malta Innovation Awards and the Energy Globe Award by the UN. He has published several peer-reviewed publications on AI and also assists various local and international organizations in the implementation of AI solutions. The Government of Malta appointed him on the Malta.AI task-force aimed at making Malta one of the world’s top AI countries.

Nilesh Pathak
Business Development Manager - Canon Europe

Nilesh Pathak is a B2B Business Developing Manager with Canon Developing Regions Business Group. He has 19 years of B2B experience and is currently responsible for business development across 98 countries of Canon emerging and developing regions covering Russia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Working within Canon Europe Headquarters in London, Nilesh’s main areas of focus are office automation, digitisation and business process transformation.

Simone Wolf
General Manager - Objectif Lune Italy

Simone Wolf is the driver behind Objectif Lune Italy and Flow Factory slr. Her idea to go into digital business, self-employed derived from the necessity for people to network in different but related disciplines, and from the demand of businesses having to make their offers available anywhere & any time.

Being born into two cultural backgrounds (German/Maltese) it is easy for her to transform business opportunities from different cultural backgrounds into successful international projects.

Viky Manaila
Digital Transformation Consultant - eWitness

Viky Manaila is an international expert in the field of electronic signatures, digital identity and digitisation processes who has successfully promoted the use of electronic signatures and electronic business processes throughout Europe and the US.

Ms Manaila has detailed in-depth knowledge of regulations, technologies and policies in trust services, digitisation and digital identities in the EU and US, and has advised for over 10 years the global biopharmaceutical industry. She was involved from the very beginning in the SAFE-BioPharma projects established by the biopharmaceutical industry to speed its transformation to a fully electronic environment by using digital identity and electronic signatures.

Jean Beraud
Business Development Consultant - NTware

Jean Beraud is business development consultant at NTware company, the publisher of the uniFLOW print and scan management platform. His mission is to support the French, European and Middle Eastern Canon partners in the promotion of uniFLOW's global offer to manage and optimise usage of printing and scanning equipment.

With more than twenty years of consulting experience at Canon France, Mr. Beraud has a broad knowledge of customer issues related to security, productivity and the need for supervision. He has successfully rolled out numerous deployments to large international accounts as well as unique and very specific customer needs.

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