Getting you started – Photocopier promotion

Photocopier promotion Getting you started


Benefit from free Black & White and Colour prints when signing up for a new Full Service & Maintenance Agreement (FSMA) on selected Canon photocopier.

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Eligible models:

B&W photocopiers

Colour photocopiers


Read more about the benefits of a Full Service and Maintenance Agreement.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This promotion will run from the 1st of May until stocks last.
  2. Promotion applies only to the end-user and not to the resellers.
  3. This promotion is only valid on sales of photocopiers signed up for a Full Service & Maintenance Agreement (FSMA).
  4. Promotion is only valid for any machine being signed for on the contact of sale and is not transferable on to any other machine or company other than the one with which the original contract was signed.
  5. The total value of the clicks will be deducted from the agreement invoicing and will not be reimbursed in cash.
  6. Free clicks are only redeemable during the first 3 months of the contract.
  7. This offer does not supersede at any point any clause in the Full Service & Maintenance Agreement (FSMA).