An easy-to-use 4K camcorder boasting a 1/2.3-Type sensor plus manual controls and premium optics for superior image quality.

Capture every detail with ease

A new 4K sensor captures incredible levels of detail for today?s 4K televisions while an 8-blade aperture achieves cinema-style out-of-focus highlights.

Film best ever moments like a pro

Enjoy shake-free footage from a powerful 20x optical zoom, thanks to a wide f/1.8-2.8 aperture and advanced image stabilisation that even corrects roll and tilt.

Compose and control with the touch of a finger

See images clearly thanks to a 3.0-inch (460,000 dots) touchscreen plus a high-resolution electronic viewfinder for shooting in tight and bright conditions.

Make life easy and shoot it your way

Choose from five assignable buttons to customise control plus adjust exposure with built-in ND filters for wider apertures or slower shutter speeds.

Key Specifications

New 4K sensor – Increased resolution and Full HD quality with 4K oversampling.

8 bladed circular aperture – Out-of-focus highlights take on smooth-circular edges for better aesthetic quality.

f/1.8 ? f/2.8 lens aperture – More light can enter the camera, greater control over depth of field.

Image stabiliser with dynamic mode – Steady handheld footage even whilst walking and tracking a moving subject.

3.0-inch capacitive touch panel – See images clearly and faithfully represented even when not viewing straight on.

0.24-inch tiltable EVF – High resolution viewfinder provides a more accurate display.

Slow and fast motion recording – Get dramatic effects by showing your subject in slow motion or speeding them up.

Built-in ND filter – In-built multiple strength ND filter enables slower shutter speeds or wider apertures.

Manual and Auto modes – Quickly switch between modes without changing individual settings.

Custom function dial and buttons – Assign functions and commands to 5 buttons and a dial to reduce menu diving.

Customisable focus – Get more creative with adjustable faster and slower focusing.

HDMI, Headphone, microphone and Mini Advanced Shoe – View on TV and extend audio functionality with microphone and mini shoe inputs.

Full specifications in brochure