Vanguard ALTA ST Camera Strap


SKU: '6001838


The ALTA ST Strap is designed to fit most cameras and binoculars and offers secure and comfortable carrying as a strap around your neck, over your shoulder, across your torso or as a harness.

  • Neck Strap – Comfortable carrying and easy viewing
  • Shoulder Strap – Comfortable carrying with extra securing and stabilizing strap
  • Harness – Ergonomic carrying for larger and heavier gear

We know that how you carry your camera or binoculars should factor in man considerations, your working environment, your mobility and flexibility needs, your gear size and weight, your personal preference and much more? This is why we designed the ALTA ST as a versatile strap that will fit most cameras as well as a pair of binoculars, while offering 3 carrying possibilities that you can match to your specific needs as they change.

The flexible, soft padding is wide and thick enough to always rest comfortably around your neck or shoulder, but not too thick and wide to become cumbersome. The straps connection straps are sturdy and easy to adjust to just the right height and the extra buckles and strap enhance performance by becoming either an extra security and stabilizing connection when carrying over your shoulder or transforming the strap into and ergonomic harness when carrying a heavier camera and lens, or binoculars.