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For professionals looking for top-quality installation projectors for retail, museum and medical use, the Canon XEED 0000 laser range offers a new centrally-positioned lens design with high resolution, HDBaseT connectivity plus a choice of six lenses.

Low total cost of ownership

  • Keep projecting for very long periods in places where constant projection is desired such as museums, galleries and retail environments.
  • A scheduling function allows the user to programme operation such as on/off, input and calibration tasks minimising management time.

Exceptionally high image quality

  • Choose from 5,800, 6,600 and 7,000 colour lumen brightness models
  • Motorised projection lenses mean the image position can be adjusted easily, without the need to tilt or reposition the projector.
  • High definition edge-blending technology produces beautifully blended images from multiple projectors and corrects any pixel positions to ensure accurate large-scale edge blending projections.

Six easy-fit motorised lens options

  • Six lenses give the projectors incredible versatility, and each lens can be swapped and replaced with ease thanks to a precise spigot mount.
  • To get the optimum performance when using any of the six lenses, the projectors feature a built-in lens microcomputer that stores all the optical profiles.
  • The lens’s optics deliver great sharpness right across the zoom range with minimal loss of brightness.

Multiple connectivity options

  • The projectors offer multiple types of digital interfaces; compatible with a wide range of digital video and computer sources.
  • PC-less presentations can be made directly from a USB flash drive.
  • The built-in LAN port accepts a Cat6 LAN cable which can span up to 100 metres, greatly improving convenience in system configuration.

Simple to install and easy to maintain

  • With the laser light source, minimal maintenance is required and the air filter can be accessed easily without any tools, even when the projector is installed.
  • A new modular chassis design with a central lens position makes installation easier and far more straightforward.
  • Management and control of the projector can now be done via Wi-Fi using iOS devices; a task which was previously only possible with a wired LAN.