Therefore™ Document Management – Business Continuity

Business Continuity planning is something most of us acknowledge as important, but it is rarely given the priority it deserves. What is required is a central information repository that handles Business Continuity concerns by itself, quietly and automatically in the background. Just set it up once and let it get on with it.

The Therefore™ Document Management System automatically synchronises your documents between multiple separate locations to ensure you never end up with a single point of failure bringing down your entire system. Each Document location is simply a shared folder somewhere on your network – this might be in the same room, a different building or even a different continent. In the event of a network failure or hard disk crash, the DMS will automatically ensure that your business continues uninterrupted by seamlessly switching to an alternate data store. Your designated IT person will get an immediate notification of a problem, but your users won’t notice a thing.

For those who wish for some more technical details, the system can be configured to schedule synch operations for multi-site installations, in order to preserve WAN bandwidth during business hours. There is also an option allowing bandwidth throttling. Document stores are set up in the system by simply indicating a UNC path to each shared folder – the system then automatically handles the building of subfolder structures within the shared folder.

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