Therefore™ – Customise your DMS

Why customise?

Customisation is sometimes useful when the full automation of tasks or customised functionality is required. Our local development team are able to add new specialised functionality to the capabilities of the standard document management system by providing solutions to problems specific to a clients’ exact needs. These solutions become an integral part of your document management system, and may involve any or all of these features:

  • Integration with existing management software
  • Automatic website updates upon receipt of a specific document in the DMS
  • Automatic transmission of SMS message upon receipt of a document in the DMS – eg a client or staff member is automatically notified by SMS when a particular event occurs
  • Automatic updating of management system when a document is present in the DMS
  • Specialised image processing – eg ID Card, Passport recognition and matching as per ICAO standards
  • Automatic Invoice Document Recognition and sorting – the ability to electronically differentiate between different suppliers and act according to a pre-set workflow
  • Optical Mark Recognition – the ability to electronically read whether or not a checkbox has been ticked or not, and act accordingly
  • Email processing and archiving – the ability to automatically archive each and every incoming and outgoing email for an organisation, to provide a secure, full-text searchable archive of communications
  • Ad hoc reporting – we are producing document count reports for customers in order for them to audit whether or not all invoices issued to delivery personnel are returned to head office

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Below are some existing real-world examples of our work in this area:


At Blevins Franks, we were asked to suggest solutions to relieve their Lotus Notes infrastructure of a high volume of large emails, which was causing their system to slow, crash frequently and become generally unusable. To solve this, we exported the email volume into Therefore™, using it as a support structure for their email system. We also designed and developed a completely new application for their users that combines the collaboration features of Lotus Notes with the robust search facilities of Therefore™.


In order to increase customer service levels and eliminate human error, we developed a system that automatically recognises incoming “Opening of Account Forms”. Each form is processed to automatically crop and extract customer signatures from these forms for filing against customers’ records. The full A4 document is also automatically filed against the account number of the account being opened. Dynamic QR Codes ensure that documents enjoy a 100% percent recognition rate.

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