Therefore™ – Disaster Recovery

Events whose severity warrants being labelled as “disasters” do not end up being disasters for everyone – there are those who plan for such an eventuality and those who don’t.

Those that don’t plan ahead are those who learn the true meaning of “disaster” – the catastrophic failure of some system or device that results in irreversible loss of data.

Selecting a Document Management System that instinctively protects itself against any one point of failure is wise planning, and this is what the Therefore™ DMS does very well. By ensuring that synchronised copies of all your information (files AND metadata) are stored in multiple, secure and managed locations, Therefore™ gives you the peace of mind that your organisation deserves:

The ability to shrug off that potentially disastrous event.

For those interested in technicalities, Therefore™ DMS uses a database to store indexing (metadata) information only – the actual documents are stored in their original format within a directory structure maintained by the system. Multiple copies of this directory structure are automatically maintained on separate media to ensure failover capability. Each document stored is accompanied by a copy of its index information (as stored in the database) so that the indexing database can be rebuilt in the event of a failure of the database server hardware. More details can be found on the Business Continuity page.

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