Therefore™ – Enhance Existing Processes

We all have processes. Whether they are simple or complex, performed alone or by a group, essential or not, every action we perform involves a process – and most of these processes involve the movement of information.

An easy way of improving an existing process is to replace a manual step with an automated one. For example, when chasing unpaid invoices it is often necessary to locate the invoice to be paid, to send to the customer – how much easier might this process be if an image of the original invoice, signed by the customer, is immediately available from your accounting system debtors list, at the touch of a single button? You can do this with Therefore™.

However, the ultimate process improvement is complete automation, eliminating human error and freeing up people to be more productive.  Example: The printing of an invoice from your point-of-sale system – the process automation will:

  • overlay a barcode on the invoice for automatic filing
  • put a reminder in the calendar of the salesperson responsible on the date the invoice payment is due
  • will automatically check on due date whether the invoice is still due, and if so will send a chaser email to the customer, cc the salesperson

The above are steps we all aspire to take for every invoice we issue, yet only by automation can we ensure they happen every time. The Therefore™ Document Management system can make this happen.


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