Therefore™ – Full Text Search

The ability to search through over ten million documents for a single word, getting a result in under five seconds sounds like a miracle; it sounds like a system well beyond the reach of all but the largest companies. Yet this is a facility enjoyed by all Therefore™ DMS customers as a standard feature.

Therefore™ is capable of automatically indexing every word on every page in every document for lightning-fast searching and retrieval later. Using this facility, being unable to find a document becomes a thing of the past.

Imagine being able to scan every single document in your organisation looking for a cheque reference, a serial number or anything else. In over forty languages. Simultaneously. Imagine searching for a word – eg. the word “feel” and having option of the system returning intelligent results for “feel”, “feeling” and “felt”.

The Therefore™ Free Text Index search is immensely powerful – it can be instructed to search within a particular category of documents only, a subset of categories, or the whole organisation. And its still lightning-fast.

But most important of all… its a standard feature with every Therefore™ installation.


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