Therefore™ – How To Get Started

Getting started on a Document Management System implementation can seem a daunting task.

And if improperly planned it can be, so we’d like to give you a few pointers in the right direction. Experience has shown us that the following really will help to keep your DMS project on the rails, in a managed form and progressing at a rate that is comfortable, sustainable and productive:

  1. Start small. Don’t try to implement Document Management throughout the whole organisation in a big-bang approach. You’re better off identifying pain points within the company and tackling each in succession. This method also means you don’t have to invest heavily on day one – any good DMS should allow you to start as small as you wish, while giving you an inexpensive and manageable upgrade path. Therefore™ does.
  2. Use departmental champions. Each department implementing Document Management needs a member of staff within the department to ‘champion’ the project. This person must be involved in the planning for their department from day one and must be ready to call the project their baby. This person will train/help/support his or her colleagues within the department.
  3. Keep focussed. The ultimate goal of any Document Management System is to facilitate, to improve, to automate. Resist any setup that will add steps to users’ existing processes – to do this will be to regress. It is essential to the success and the ROI of the project that users perceive a real improvement to their work rate and an increase in efficiency.
  4. Keep secure. Anything stored in your Document Management System must be stored with security in mind – security from unauthorised access and security from accidental loss.
  5. Compress! Resist the temptation to store documents in colour, in high resolution, in multiple copies, etc when a black-and-white 300dpi scan will do. As a leading DMS, Therefore™ will store anything from the tiniest text file to the largest video file, but the capability of your DMS to store large files is not the consideration here. Neither is available disk space. It is network bandwidth. To ensure you can truly access your documents from anywhere you must assume that you will use a low-bandwidth network connection (eg the Internet) at some point – it pays to plan for this from day one.
  6. Accessibility. Ensure your DMS can provide you with all the user interfaces you will need – Windows software, a web-based interface (for use with a Mac, over an internet connection, etc) and apps for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. As a leading DMS Therefore™ has every one, as standard.


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