Therefore™ – Integrate & Automate

Integration of a Document Management System to existing line-of-business systems is ultimately what every organisation should strive for. Whether the DMS is used to add image storage and retrieval capabilities to an accounting system or a bulk storage and indexing mechanism for archiving of company-wide email, integration becomes an essential step.

A potential pitfall comes in the form of changes or enhancements required to the line-of-business system to enable the integration to work. Therefore™ comes as standard with multiple ways in which to integrate with line-of-business applications without any changes/setting alterations/enhancements required at all to your normal line-of-business software.

Furthermore, at Avantech we are able to use our own software development expertise to build what is required to achieve the required results – all with the 100% support of Therefore™ Corporation. We have many examples of different projects successfully undertaken for Maltese users of Therefore™, and we can demonstrate these technologies as examples of our capabilities.


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