Therefore™ Document Management – Who we’ve helped

The following are some examples of the companies in Malta who have entrusted their Information Management requirements to us.


Armed Forces of Malta

The Human Resources department of the AFM selected Therefore™ Document Management and Avantech to help them take control of their growing physical paper archive and provide a secure disaster recovery solution. HR-related documentation is now available securely across the full AFM network to those users who have the necessary security clearance.


Identity Malta Agency

Identity Malta is the Malta Government’s agency tasked with managing the registration of Maltese citizens, expatriates, land and immovable property, the public registry, passports, residence visas and identity cards. Such onerous responsibilities require a proven document and asset management system capable of providing effective business continuity, disaster recovery and workflow functionality for documents. Therefore™ DMS was selected because it matches all of these criteria.

Public Registry of Notes

The Malta Public Registry of Notes is responsible for the management and production of official Notarial Searches for the Government of Malta. The production of Notarial Searches are an essential and mandatory step in the execution of any asset-related contract in Malta. We were engaged to provide a complete end-to-end storage, research and billing system for the fifty million plus pages in the archives dating back to the 1850’s. A combination of Therefore™ Document Management, Scan2x and a series of custom interfaces and processes is transforming the way this essential function of national importance is performed.


Bank of Valletta

Bank of Valletta have embarked upon a bank-wide project to  involve document and information management technology in every aspect of business to improve on their customer service, internal audit and compliance, data protection and security requirements. With a combination of the standard features of the Therefore™ DMS and customised software developed by Avantech, we have integrated Information Management seamlessly into the Bank’s workflow. For further information on this installation, click here to view this BOV testimonial video.

APS Bank

At APS Bank we have implemented various customised document scanning applications to add value and interface with their core banking system when scanning bank cheques, customer Identification Cards and Passports. We have also installed PlanetPress Connect, a variable data printing solution that works in the background to enhance and enrich their bank statement delivery via print, email or their online banking systems and ATM machines.


Burlo’ Fleri-Soler and Associates

All areas of the Legal profession generate and work with large amounts of paper documents and the Notarial sphere is no exception. In embracing Avantech’s document management solutions, this leading firm has implemented full document management functionality within their offices allowing full text searches across all their clients’ documents and complete remote access via smartphone and tablets. Physical filing cabinets no longer occupy large amounts of expensive office space, and all documents are protected against loss and damage.


Elmo Insurance

Elmo Insurance are one of Malta’s biggest insurance companies, offering a full portfolio of insurance products. Elmo’s management team have committed to a long-term strategic plan to digitize their document processes and integrate their digital assets into their core information management systems.


GO plc

GO are using Therefore™ to make seven million digitised copies of their customer contracts and related correspondence immediately retrievable by staff in their customer outlets over a secure web browser link. The contracts are all full text searchable and every access is audited.


Blevins Franks

Blevins Franks use Therefore™ Document Management to store all incoming and outgoing emails and correspondence relating to their clients. By integrating the DMS into their existing software and the development of some new software tools by Avantech, we have greatly increased user efficiency, search speeds and convenience.

MZ Investments

MZ Investments utilise Therefore™ Document Management as part of their core Portfolio Management System (PMS), another Avantech product. Avantech’s PMS greatly facilitates the management of clients’ investment portfolios by tracking securities & cash, generating reporting and ensuring compliance. The interfacing of Therefore™ DMS to this system has been a massive value-multiplier, and MZ Investments benefit from the use of an industry-leading document management system as part of their daily processes.



Tipico use Therefore™ DMS as their primary store for incoming and outgoing emails via a link to their Microsoft Exchange server. Their Finance department also use the DMS to automate their business workflows to maximise efficiency.



By using automatic document recognition functionality, Persona have revolutionised their storage and retrieval of patient records. Forms are automatically recognised and processed by the DMS, eliminating the need for manual filing of information.


Robert Arrigo & Sons

By using Therefore™ DMS to store and retrieve documents relating to their clients’ bookings, Robert Arrigo & Sons have achieved their goals for disaster recovery and business continuity. By integrating their client reservations systems and financial package with Therefore™, they continue to add value to these systems by improving on document sharing and workflow.



As a primary distributor of food products, Nectar are implementing Therefore™’s web interface and mobile app interface to provide remote document access over 3G for their delivery vans. Accounting documents are also automatically recognised and filed by the DMS, thus increasing efficiency and eliminating human error.

Attard & Co

Attard & Co’s finance department use the Therefore™ DMS to quickly search through high volumes of invoice documents via full text indexing. We also developed a custom utility to report on document counts within specific categories for daily audit purposes.

Merlin Computers

merlinMerlin Computers use their Therefore™ DMS installation to provide quick access to client documentation.