Therefore™ – Document and Information Management Software

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Enhance Your Business 

Therefore™ information management software enables you to store documents together with its specific metadata efficiently and with easy. Using its powerful workflow engine, you will be able to create digital automation of your business processes efficiently, economically, and securely throughout your organisation.

What is Therefore™?

Therefore™  is a document solution that enables you to import and integrate, share, store and retrieve, and distribute documents in an easy and quick way, while safeguarding access to restricted information within your organisation.

With Therefore™ there will be no wasting time looking for documents. Just fast, efficient information flow that gives you a productive business edge.

What can you expect from Therefore™?

You can expect a customized workflow system built to your specific needs that captures, manages and distributes information throughout your company. Therefore™ provides higher productivity with less document-related handling costs, real-time and secure web access to organisation information, improved business process management, fast response time and enhanced customer service.

With Therefore™ you can quickly change and adapt to meet your customer needs.

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Easy to use

Wasting time finding documents is a thing of the past. Just quick, structured information flow giving you a productive business edge.

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Higher productivity

Smaller document-related handling costs, real-time and secure web access to organisation infomration.

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Secure access

No more missing information. Rest easy knowing your inforamtion is securly stored and only accessible to authorized personnel.

How Therefore™ can help – ‘The Solutions’

Archiving – Therefore™ information management software enables documents to be digitally archived and securely stored. If specific retention policies are applied, to meet specific GDPR requirements for instance, documents can also be set to automatically get deleted once the legally mandated period has expired.

Business Analytics – with Therefore™ you can have an overview on all your KPIs. Why are we having high invoice processing time? Why are we taking so long to service our clients? It’s possible to receive information on the performance of workflows, including the number of invoices processed each week or month, the average processing time for a workflow, and the number of instances processed by each user.

Collaboration – by having centralized access to information, web and mobile access, possibility to add document annotations, and a strong version control mechanism, Therefore™ provides a vast range of advantages to companies who are seeking to improve their collaborative processes.

Email – with the MS Office plugins, emails and other office documents can be made more secure, traceable, and accessible. With the MS Office integration your organisation will work more efficiently in helping you improve customer service, accelerate turnaround and reduce errors.

eSignature – with the possibility to integrate to several 3rd Party eSignature signing services you can eliminate the need for cumbersome printing, sending, and retrieval of signed documents.

Integration – integrating Therefore™ to third-party ERP or core software solutions is easy. With the Therefore™ API, you can expand the functionality of your Therefore™ system and achieve further benefits for your organisation.

Mobility – out-of-the box web and mobile applications already exist for Therefore™ and information can be accessed in complete security from a mobile phone or tablet, a web browser, or even taken offline and synchronized once reconnected to the server.

Safe & Secure – Therefore™ offers multiple features to ensure your information is always secure against unauthorized access, and correctly backed up and fully auditable.

eForms – with the recent introduction of eForms, online applications forms can be designed and integrated to your existing website with ease, which will allow your business to gather information from both internal as well as external parties.

Process Automation – Therefore™ Workflow enables you to digitize your business processes. By moving away from a physical, paper-based process to an optimized electronic process, you can easily decrease the time needed to complete the process, increase accuracy, and improve the visibility, traceability as well as enhance customer service by proving faster, more accurate information.