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With Canon your school days are more...


Don't be a stereotype, let your creativity run wild.

Printers print notes...but that's not all! With Canon printers you can also print high quality photos in various sizes and create your own crafts with Canon's Creative Park to make your learning process more fun and your projects stand out.


You can do magic.

Whether you are a photography student, into architecture and design or taking on any other subject, you can astonish your school fellows with amazing content using features only a proper camera can offer.


Numbers don't have to be dull. 

Bring a twist to the table with a Canon scientific calculator and give a cool look to your math moments.

Back to School


This term everything comes together. 

Unlock up to € 300 in Cashback on selected Canon cameras, lenses and printers. 

Offer open to all post-secondary students aged 18 years and over and in possession of a valid student card.

2019 Back to University Cashback