Aftersales Service – Terms & Conditions

Avantech Warranty Terms and Conditions for Canon products (Excluding Multi Media LCD Projectors)

This warranty is offered to Consumers who have purchased their Canon products in Malta. It is in addition to, and does not affect your rights under, the Canon European Warranty System or your statutory rights.

Any product returned for repair must be accompanied by a contact name, address and daytime telephone number. If this information is not provided, Avantech will be unable to return your product to you and reserves the right to dispose of your product three months after receipt.

It is in your best interests to make a note of your product’s serial number and any Service Voucher reference provided. This should be quoted in any communications with Avantech regarding your product.

Please note that Avantech will endeavour to ensure the safety of your products whilst in its possession. However, whilst every effort will be made to return your product (and any film, tape, or other recordable media or accessory) Avantech cannot accept any liability, nor pay any compensation for loss of a particular film, tape, recordable media or accessory included. You should retain any recordable media or accessory not required for the repair. Furthermore, any customer specific settings or memory may be lost during the course of repair.

While it is in Avantech’s interest to return your product to you as quickly as possible, we maintain standard response time policies and guidelines for repairs and/or replacement of products, whether under warranty or not. These can be viewed here.

Large Format Print head Warranty

If you have a Canon Large Format Printer (LFP), are experiencing print quality issues, you have performed the image quality checks and followed the User Manual recommendations and your print head continues to fail, you may be eligible for a print head warranty claim.  Please print the ‘Print head warranty Claim Form’ and follow the instructions. You may download a soft copy of the claim form here.


1. Avantech (We, Our, Us) warrants this Product (excluding accessories, software, consumables such as, but not limited to, toner, ink sheets, paper and other consumables defined by Us) to be in good working order during the period of warranty. The period of warranty is the period stated on your warranty card and commences on the date of original purchase of the new Product. In the event that the Product is not in good working order Avantech will provide, during the warranty period, a free service. The warranty is subject to proof of purchase being provided; therefore you should retain your original receipt.

2. The service consists of (at Avantech’s discretion) either repair or replacement Products that will be provided on an exchange basis and will either be new, equivalent to new or re-conditioned. All replaced spare parts and Products shall become the property of Avantech.

3. Avantech will provide service on either an “on site” or “return to base” basis in Malta. Where we provide service “on site” an engineer will visit the location address you have given us.

4. You must inform us in writing if you change your address. Where we provide service on a “return to base” basis, any costs of secure transportation of the product to and from the Avantech service centre will be borne by the customer.

5. Avantech’s only obligation under this warranty is the provision of the service as set out above.

6. Services cannot be provided on site: (a) on a public holiday; (b) on a Saturday or Sunday; (c) before 8.30am or after 4.30pm Monday to Friday or other working hours agreed by Us in writing.

7. Unless agreed in writing, the Warranty will not apply: (a) because you have not used, stored or handled the Product prop­erly; or because you are in breach of the terms of this warranty or the Contract terms, or have not followed Our instructions in  the product manual, or those of the manufacturer; or because of damage or defect due to willful neglect or negligence by anyone other than Us; (b) to loss of quality, degradation of performance or actual damage that results from the use of spare parts or other replaceable items (such as consumables) that are neither made nor recommended by Canon; (c) to a loss of quality, degradation of performance or damage that results from the installation of, damage to, or modification to the Product and/or Software by someone else other than Our representatives or because of damage that results from changes required by you or a Third Party; (d) to damage that results from your connection of  other fittings or accessories to the Product which We have not approved or your connection of other equipment or software not approved by Us; (e) because of external causes outside Our control which shall include accident, fire disaster or burglary; (f) because of faults caused by shock or fall, sand, dust, dirt, damp or corrosion, leaky batteries, repair or cleaning by unauthorised personnel; (g) because of any mal­function or specific requirement of any other item of hardware, or software which you have linked to the Product in respect of items not included in the Contract; (h) to correct errors in any non-Canon proprietary software or other software not provided by Us; (i) because data is lost or damaged; (j) to damage caused by your attachment of the Product to a network not approved by Us or because you have made changes to your Operating or Network system in a manner not approved by Us; (k) because you have not installed any error correction that We issue for the software or have otherwise not followed Our reasonable instructions or advice.

8. You must ensure that the proper provision of the service by Avantech Limited under this warranty will not directly or indirectly damage your property (including software and data) or otherwise cause you direct or indirect damage or loss and Avantech will not be responsible for: (a) checking as to the likelihood of such damage or loss occurring prior to providing or dur­ing provision of the service under this warranty; (b) any such damage or loss that may occur.

NB. You should take all reasonable precautions to safeguard your assets and property (including all software and data) and to minimise potential loss or disruption, including, where appropriate, taking full back ups of all your software and data and implementing virus checking controls.

9. Avantech’s arrangements for providing service provided under this warranty may include the use of sub contractors.

10. As far as the law allows, we will not be responsible for the following: (a) loss of income, profits (actual or anticipated), contracts or for any other business related loss; (b) indirect or consequential loss or damage howsoever caused; (c) compensation for loss of images on any recordable media.

11. This warranty is offered subject to these terms and conditions which may change from time to time. You can find the latest version on our website or receive a copy by contacting us directly on the number given in your warranty card. This warranty is  in addition to, and does not affect your statutory rights.

12. Avantech may disclose your details and other personal information to other companies within the Avantech group including any subsidiary company or subcontractor of Avantech for the purposes of performing our obligations hereunder.

13. Avantech may disclose your details and other personal information to any subsidiary company of Ours for the purpose of market research or direct marketing of other (Avantech) products and services. If you do not wish to receive direct marketing information from us please ensure you have marked the appropriate box on the warranty registration form.

14. These conditions shall in all respect be governed and construed in accordance with Maltese Law and subject to the exclu­sive jurisdiction of the Maltese Courts.