Get the best ROI out of your printing equipment.

One of the fundamental rules of running a business is cost control; keeping your costs to a minimum is key; thankfully, nowadays, there are a lot of tools to help you achieve this.

One such tool is, without a doubt, the multi-functional printer.

Multi-functional printers have evolved and, besides helping businesses be more efficient and productive, they also help you increase your revenue.

Technological advancements involving the performance and capabilities of these devices have also helped level the playing field for smaller companies, giving them the opportunity to compete with larger ones.

Given the impact a multi-functional printer can have on cost cutting, it is important to have your device constantly operating at an optimal level. Opting for a support contract from a trusted service provider can easily help to achieve this.

Benefits of a Maintenance contract and a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A copier maintenance contract and an SLA allows for peace of mind. At some point or another, all electronic devices and especially those in a busy office environment will malfunction. This is a given and is irrespective of type, brand or function; papers will jam and rollers will need changing. Even minor issues such as these will result in downtime and at the end of the day this will have an adverse effect on the level of service that can be provided. A maintenance contract or an SLA is all about the preventive maintenance and in worst case scenarios where even this is not enough, the fastest repair service possible.


When your machine is covered with a service contract prevention is quite straight forward. The technician will do regular check-ups on your device during which any issues can be spotted before the problem actually occurs. The technician can also assess the status of your office equipment and make the necessary recommendations should any of your printers/copiers be due for part replacements in the near future. Paying heed to such recommendations will most certainly allow for a more “worry-free” office environment especially during those really busy days.

Furthermore, a maintenance contract allows for a better response time and the security of knowing that should there be a problem with repairing the equipment on time, a backup machine can be made available to bridge the gap.

Over and above, companies representing major brands are able to provide certified and well trained technicians to do the job, a very important fact to consider when keeping in mind that nowadays, modern equipment tends to be quite technologically advanced and complex and requires expertise to maintain.

Finally and without any doubt, a copier maintenance contract and SLA are must-haves for today’s offices. Investing in these can help your office run printing, scanning and photocopying operations smoothly whilst avoiding expensive equipment-related issues.

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