Press release – Canon includes Scan2x in their product portfolio

Scan2x signing of distribution agreement

Canon Europe signs up with Avantech for distribution of Scan2x

Scan2x, a software product written by Avantech Software, has been adopted by Canon Europe as an intelligent document scanning solution for them to sell in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Avantech signed the distribution agreement with Canon during a ceremony in London in May 2018 following rigorous security and quality testing of the software by Canon’s security consultants.

Avantech developed the software (previously called ScanStation) to cater for the growing needs of its own Maltese customers when implementing document management solutions for security, efficiency and GDPR compliance reasons. The software proved to be a huge success, and Canon were quick to see the unique benefits of the product for its larger markets in the EMEA region. Following a very successful eighteen-month pilot across selected territories, the Canon European HQ decided the software was a healthy and worthwhile addition to their product portfolio.

See the official press release.