Selphy Square QX10 

Designed to fit perfectly into your life.

Small but mighty 

Print your memories with pleasure, whenever and wherever you are. This compact printer comes with a portable battery and connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. No cables, no leads, no fuss. 

Suit your style

Choose from four cool colours and complete your trendy look.

Canon Selphy QX10_4 colours + background
Canon Selphy QX10_mobile App

Stylize your pics

Add more fun to your creations with Canon's free Selphy Photo Layout app. Enjoy adding touches such as stamps, borders, text, filters, overlays and layouts.

Quality that lasts

Never compromise on quality. Turn your memories into rich, detailed prints with a dye sublimation quality that last for up to 100 years. A special film overcoated on the surface of the photos repels water repels and prevents ink from bleeding making your prints water and dust resistant. 

Canon Selphy QX10_Album
Selphy QX10 Square prints

Square is the new cool

Print 68 x 68mm onto high quality paper with a captionable border that turns into a sticker. The perfect match for your Instagram memories.