Digital transformation in pharmacies

Digital Transformation in Pharmacies

Managing piles of prescriptions can be hectic. Among the significant amounts of mentioned paperwork, there are also supplier invoices to be accounted for. In addition, there isn’t always an ample amount of space available in a pharmacy which makes keeping track of all these documents a more tedious task. This is where the Digital Transformation in Pharmacies comes in.

With a compact and affordable scanner, documents can be easily digitised, and they are much easier to track in PDF format. This means that one would not have to go through huge amounts of documents when they need to search for a particular patient’s records. Instead, the pharmacist can simply enter a keyword and the document would be brought up on screen.

IRIScan Pro 5

High-performance duplex desktop scanner

IRIScan Pro 5, Powerful duplex desktop scanner: digitise your stacks of documents extremely quickly and efficiently.


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Benefits of the IRIScan PRO 5 in the Digital Transformation in Pharmacies include:

Digitisation of documents

By converting physical documents into digital formats such as searchable PDFs or editable formats, pharmacies can easily store and retrieve patient records. This helps streamline record-keeping and facilitates efficient access to information when needed.

Space-saving solution

Pharmacies often face limited storage space. The IRIScan Pro 5 enables pharmacies to free up physical storage by digitizing their documents. This eliminates the need for bulky physical file cabinets and allows for more efficient utilization of space.

Compliance with data protection regulations

With digitised documents, pharmacies can ensure compliance with data protection regulations. They can securely store and easily delete files when they are no longer needed, minimizing the potential for data breaches and ensuring patient privacy.

Ultrasonic sensor for reliable scanning

The IRIScan Pro 5 is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that detects double feeding, even when pages are of different thicknesses. This feature is particularly useful when scanning stapled documents, preventing paper jams and potential damage to important documents.

Cloud platform integration

The scanner allows for direct saving of scanned documents to your preferred cloud platform or Document Management System (DMS). This feature enables pharmacies to easily store and access their digital documents from anywhere, enhancing collaboration and remote access.

Content indexing for quick search

The scanner supports content indexing, making it easier to search for specific information within scanned documents. Pharmacies can quickly locate relevant data or patient records without manually browsing through multiple files, improving productivity and response time.

Integration with MS Office

In addition to PDF format, the IRIScan Pro 5 allows for scanning and saving documents directly into Microsoft Office formats like Word, Excel, and more. This feature is beneficial for pharmacies that need to extract data or incorporate scanned information into existing digital workflows or templates.

Smart Button for Easy Scanning

The scanner features a smart button that allows you to start scanning with just one click. This can streamline the scanning process, enabling you to quickly digitise documents and save them in your preferred format or destination.

Increased productivity

With its reliable document handling, and advanced features, the IRIScan Pro 5 helps pharmacies streamline their document management processes. This saves time, reduces manual paperwork, and allows pharmacy staff to focus on more critical tasks, such as patient care and medication management.

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