Summer holiday adventure in Val D’Isere

After many years of skiing, my wife and I wanted to experience what the mountains were like in the summer without snow, so we booked a holiday for Val D’Isere (I mean my wife booked it ….the flights, activities, well pretty much everything bless her). My responsibility is to make sure I pack all the essentials so I made sure to pack the first aid, technology gadgets and of course my trustee Canon EOS 1300D.

Val D’Isere, for those who have not heard of this resort, is situated in the southern east of France. The resort lies 3 miles from Italy and is one of the most beautiful French ski resorts. It was originally a small farm village which developed into alpine ski resort, yet unlike some other resorts still looks unspoilt.

After a lengthy 2 hours and 45 minute transfer from the airport we finally arrived at our destination and WOW, it was well worth it! The views were spectacular but after a great meal and a couple of glasses of the local red wine it was time to rest and conserve our energy for the week ahead.

Here’s the week’s itinerary:

Day one

  • Mountain biking down a ski run was to be our first activity, our first adventure. It was a little scary at first but we soon got into the swing of it.

Day two

  • Recovering from saddle sore, we went on a mountain hike with a guide. This was the perfect opportunity to take out my Canon and shoot some fabulous photos.

Day three

  • My favorite activity was the white water rafting… until the raft in front of us tipped over. Glad we left the camera behind for that one!

Day four

  • Cliff jumping. What can I say! Leaping off an 8 meter cliff into a fairly narrow pool… and voluntarily too. Must be mad!

Day five

  • Following all these activities a well deserved rest was due. After all, what’s a holiday without some of that!

Day six

  • We decided we’d hire some quad bikes as the final adventure for this trip. It was a fantastic experience and gave us yet another opportunity to snap some great photos!


holiday adventure quadbike

….. OK, admittedly this isn’t me but I did try!

Well by now the body is feeling the full pain and aches of the week, but it was fun in some parts and painful in others, but a great experience.


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