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OKI Retail Solution

Smart solutions to grow your retail business

In today’s competitive marketplace it is essential for businesses to take advantage of every opportunity to maximise productivity, reduce costs and enhance business performance. OKI’s versatile retail solutions can help retailers achieve this by empowering them to drive business effectiveness whether they are a small local store or a larger retail outlet.

Working with some of the world’s top retailers, OKI has developed a range of innovative printers and retail solutions to help you work quicker and more efficiently while maximising your productivity, reducing costs – and ensuring that when customers come through your door, you are able to make the most of every opportunity to convert footfall into revenue. 

How OKI’s retail solutions can help – release your full potential

On-demand printing done in-house

Print a huge variety of eye-catching display and point-of-sale materials on a wide range of media, in house, on demand without the expense of outsourcing.

Designs may be created locally or at head office and printed in high quality in-store, switching between different media as required.


Imagine being able to print all your posters, banners, shelf labels, price labels, window stickers, billboards, floor signage, newsletters and flyers in-house and on demand.

Using OKI’s colour printers you can do just this. Printing in-house means no minimum orders, so no wastage and no storage needs.  

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Available to download at no extra cost, OKI’s Template Manager enables the creation and printing of many types of promotional materials in-house, including brochures, address labels, business cards and large banners up to 1320mm length.


In a competitive retail environment, prices change constantly and promotions are introduced frequently. OKI’s Retail Solutions enables pricing to be tailored and printed to labels in time. Clear, complete and legible product and price information help increase purchase rates and subsequent transaction value.


Capture and manage documents; receive graphics via email from head office and print in-house; securely manage HR processes; print invoices, bills of loading and delivery notes.

SPACE Saving Solution

OKI’s printers and MFPs have a compact footprint so can fit anywhere within a store, for example behind a customer-facing counter or in a small back office, maximising expensive prime location space.

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3 Year Warranty

All OKI devices are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and technology, which has been confirmed by independent tests. OKI are so convinced of the high quality of their products that offer an extension of the standard warranty period to 3 years at no extra cost to you. Simply register your product within 30 days of purchase. For further information please visit: www.okime.ae/warranty

Tailored solution to give you the competitive edge

We can tailor the right solution for your business, combining the best printing devices, software, media, accessories and service. From OKI’s compact desktop printers to OKI’s smart printer and MFPs, OKI’s portfolio offers the right device for every store and head office. All provide professional quality output on an unrivalled range of media weights – which means no expensive outsourcing costs, no wastage and the flexibility to print what you need, whenever you need it.

OKI’s printers are not just about signs and posters – however brilliant the colour. Our smart devices with integrated software can manage all your omni-channel marketing demands, across printed output, digital display to web and mobile. In fact, our smart MFPs are good for all types of admin and document management. For example, scanning to cloud and printing integration means they can speed up staff onboarding processes, quickly scanning IDs, timesheets and other documents directly into your HR department’s files, whether cloud-based or in a network folder. Let us help you release you full potential – get in touch with us today! 

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