Canon AD-E1 Multi-function Shoe Adapter


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The Canon AD-E1 Multi-function Shoe Adapter converts conventional hot-shoe Speedlites with a weather-sealed foot to Multi-function shoe cameras, whilst maintaining dust and weather resistance. Weighing no more than a few grams, the adaptor takes its power direct from the camera. When attached it allows you to fully concentrate on getting the shot, whether that’s outside in challenging conditions or in the studio.


    • Attach the adapter to compatible Speedlite flashes with a 5-pin weather sealed foot and use on the EOS R3 Multi-function shoe.
    • With the same weatherproofing as the latest Speedlite flashes, the adapter will protect the Multi-function shoe connection from water and dust ingress thanks to excellent weather sealing.
    • Attach the Multi-function Shoe Adapter AD-E1 with confidence and lock it onto the camera’s Multi-function shoe connection with the lockable lever.
    • The adapter takes its power direct from the camera when attached for ease of use, allowing you to concentrate on the shot.
    • The Multi-function Shoe Adapter AD-E1 is small, lightweight and convenient. It can easily be stored in a camera bag.