Canon PowerShot PX


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When you want to capture life’s precious moments, and also want to be in them, the PowerShot PX is ideal – following the action, framing intelligently and creatively to capture everyone’s natural expressions and more. With so many images, the smartphone app cleverly recommends the best photos and videos for you to keep and share.

Capture the moment. Enjoy the moment.

Trust the PowerShot PX to capture the people and moments in your life, automatically composing photos and video with its pan-tilt lens, while you carry on being in the moment.

Simple, portable design

The PowerShot PX can go anywhere, thanks to USB-C charging and built-in Wi-Fi, which links to your smart device. Want more control? Just ask – it’s voice-activated too.

Smiles. Laughs. All your loved ones’ expressions.

The best photos aren’t always the posed smiles, although they’re always popular. The PowerShot PX captures a huge range of looks and precious reactions that you might not capture.

Works seamlessly with the smartphone app.

Let the Connect app for Mini PTZ Cam recommend the best images and videos. It does the hard work for you, sorting through the great and not-so-great, so you don’t have to.

Compatible with Web Cam Utility

The PowerShot PX also works great as a webcam, using the Web Cam Utility, bringing extra ease and usefulness.

Automatic Shooting

The PowerShot PX frames scenes autonomously, capturing subjects and scenes that it’s been trained to find interesting. Using its pan-tilt-zoom lens, it composes great-looking images and movie clips that you’ll love. Over a period of weeks and months, this camera will automatically collect a great set of shots while you get on with having fun, capturing moments that you might not have taken.

Pan-and-tilt lens

To capture photos and movies around the room, the PowerShot PX features a moving lens that can rotate through 340˚, tilt up and down by 110˚ and zoom in and out through a range of 19-57mm (full-frame equivalent). With these three movements, the PowerShot PX can creatively frame people and moments.

Face recognition

The PowerShot PX can recognise faces and objects and even be set to prioritise certain faces over others – a person celebrating a birthday at a party, for instance.