Canon RF 16mm f/2.8 STM


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The RF 16MM F2.8 STM is a compact, affordable, wide aperture 16mm EOS R-series lens aimed at creative content makers – including vloggers, photographers and filmmakers – who seek a full frame lens that inspires them to try new genres and styles.

Ultra-wide view to capture all the detail

At 16mm, the RF 16MM F2.8 STM’s full-frame focal length is ultra-wide, offering optimum vlogging potential and great creative opportunities for content creators shooting interiors and big views.

Smooth and quiet STM motor, perfect for video

The STM lens motor offers refined, quiet focusing and great smoothness. It is fast for photo, and provides that stunning cinematic look for video, too.

Fast f/2.8 circular aperture

The RF 16MM F2.8 STM has a fast f/2.8 aperture, delivering smooth, soft bokeh and highlights, great for landscapes with lots of foreground, as well as depth-of-field control when you want to vlog.

A beautifully small, light, take anywhere lens

The RF 16MM F2.8 STM weighs only 165g and measures just 40.2mm1 in length, so you can leave it on your camera all day or pack it in your kitbag and take it out for spontaneous creative moments.

Superb image quality

The RF 16MM F2.8 STM features nine lens elements in seven groups with a single PMo aspheric lens for excellent colour rendition and crisp, contrasty images – great for architecture and travel.

High quality filmmaking in crop mode

When shooting in crop mode, the RF 16MM F2.8 STM becomes a 25.6mm wide-angle – effectively a second lens – making it ideal for content creators seeking more options.

Aspherical lens elements

In the early days, all lenses were spherical, but they are not best suited to rendering a sharp image because they cannot make parallel rays of light converge at the same point. This causes a problem called spherical aberration. Lens designers discovered that an aspherical lens shape would eliminate this type of aberration, because the curvature of the lens could be used to converge the light rays to a single point. Aspherical lens elements help to compensate for this distortion.

The RF System – big results from wide apertures

Thanks to the advantages of the RF mount, lenses can be made lighter and smaller with higher performance, even those with small apertures. Wider maximum aperture lenses can deliver excellent background blur, which many photographers demand, especially in low light.

Electronic focus ring

The focus ring is completely electronic for precise fingertip control, with no mechanical connection to the focusing mechanism. This allows for the camera to set adjustment type as either linear or acceleration based. If the ring is turned very quickly, there may be some lag. Full time manual focus is available in all modes.

Aperture closes at power off

When the camera is switched off, the aperture in the lens will stop down to its minimum size. This reduces light transmission into the camera, which protects the sensor on cameras that do not feature a mechanical shutter close at power off. On power on, the camera will set the aperture to its previous setting.

Required distortion correction

In order to achieve the physical design and low cost of the lens, RF 16MM F2.8 STM uses software-based distortion correction to present the final image. This distortion correction feature stays on permanently, which means the RF 16MM F2.8 STM will always render the subject clearly.