Canon SELPHY CP1500


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Frame your Fun this Summer!

Preserve the sunshine and smiles with printed memories. Print your summer stories and make them last with our Canon printers. Offer valid till 31/08/23 while stocks last.

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Create beautiful, vivid photos with up to 100-year1 durability. The SELPHY CP1500 offers simple operation and a wide range of connectivity options: easily customise your images and print seamlessly from your smart device with the SELPHY Photo Layout app.

Beautiful photos, fast

Create vibrant lab-quality photos with 16.7 million colours. Fast dye-sublimation technology means ready-to-handle postcard-sized prints in 41 seconds.

Prints that last

Thanks to a special protective coating, your photos will last up to 100 years1 when stored in an album. They’re water, scratch and fingerprint resistant too.

Sizes to suit you

Print beautifully vibrant images in a range of sizes, ranging from postcards (100 x 148mm) to mini stickers (22 x 17.3mm), great for scrapbooking, crafting and gifting.

Simple wireless operation

Print simply and wirelessly from your smart device using the SELPHY Photo Layout app. Create customised prints with stamps, filters, pattern overcoats and share links with printed QR codes.

Space-saving and stylish design

The SELPHY CP1500 is a pleasure to live with and simple to operate thanks to its compact size, large LCD screen, wireless connection and choice of three chic colour finishes.

Connect your way

Connect wirelessly to smart devices, computers and cameras2, or via USB-C for computers, cameras and USB flash drives. Or simply print directly from SD, SDHC and SDXC cards with the built-in reader.

Dye-sublimation printing

The dye-sublimation printing process uses heat to transfer dye from a film to the paper. It creates robust prints that are water- and fingerprint-resistant and can last up to 100 years1. Dye-sub prints are also of high quality, with 300x300dpi resolution and 16 million printable colours.

Overcoat pattern

Dye-sublimation prints are given a clear film overcoat during the printing process, with its application determining the finish of the print. When applied all over the print’s surface, the finish will be glossy, but by using different patterns of application it’s also possible to achieve semi-gloss and satin finishes. Unleash your creativity by selecting an overcoat pattern when printing using the SELPHY Photo Layout app.

QR code printing

The SELPHY Photo Layout app can add a QR code to your prints, linking to a URL of your choice. Pointing a smartphone or tablet’s camera at the code will take the user to a web location, for example, an online album with more photos or videos, the creator’s social media page or similar.

1 When stored in an album. Based on accelerated testing, assuming a temperature of 23° C / 73.4° F and humidity of 50%.

2 PictBridge-compatible cameras.

View full specifications in the datasheet