Canon Speedlite EL-1


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For anyone who is serious about flash, the Speedlite EL-1 represents the ultimate in performance, speed and reliability. Press, event and red-carpet photographers will appreciate its lightning-fast recycle times and the huge number of flashes available in a single burst. Those shooting location portraiture and fashion will love the EL-1’s creative flexibility.

Prepared for every moment

Be ready for anything. Super-fast 0.1-0.9 sec1 recycle times mean bursts of up ¬to 170 full-power flashes2, plus high-speed bursts at lower power levels are also possible.

Power when you need it most

A high-performance LP-EL battery powers the EL-1’s blisteringly fast shooting speeds and shot-to-shot reliability. Expect up to 2345 flashes from a single charge. An accurate battery level indicator4 lets you know when it’s time to recharge or replace your power source.

Shoot with confidence

When the pressure’s on, you can count on the EL-1 to deliver. Its guide number of 60m3 is backed up by the same degree of dust and water resistance as our L-Series lenses. An active cooling system prevents overheating, so you can shoot for longer.

Flexibility and control

Light your subject from anywhere in the scene, controlling the EL-1 wirelessly with a radio or optical trigger. Use multiple Speedlites together (as individual units or groups) for highly creative lighting.

Be more creative with your lighting

A built-in bi-colour LED modelling light lets you see where and how the EL-1’s flash output will look, and preview where shadows will fall. Manual flash output can be varied between full and 1/8192 power5.

New Technology


The LP-EL was designed with high-performance flash photography in mind. It’s capable of holding a lot of charge and can deliver the large currents required for very fast recycling and burst shooting – something that the EL-1 excels in.

It’s quicker to change than a set of AA batteries and can be charged using our LC-E6 battery charger, which is supplied with many of the Canon EOS cameras. The EL-1 can show exactly how much charge is remaining, so you can change or recharge it at a time that is most convenient – no nasty surprises!

When used in the EL-1, the LP-EL battery delivers up to 335 full-power discharges. It can be charged to full capacity in approx. 2 hours 10 minutes and has a life of at least 300 charge/discharge cycles.

Flash Exposure memory

Flash Exposure (FE) memory lets photographers combine the convenience of E-TTL Auto flash with the shot-to-shot consistency of manual flash exposures.

Firstly, the scene is photographed using E-TTL auto flash exposure. Then, when the photographer is happy with the result, then EL-1 can then be switched into manual mode where FE memory ensures that the power setting from E-TTL mode is set and ready to use.

This is ideal for those situations when you don’t want small changes in ambient light, composition or subject positioning to bring about changes in flash output because of slightly different E-TTL metering.

LED modelling light

A bright dual-LED modelling light is built into the flash head, giving photographers the ability to preview the flash output from the EL-1 while they are setting up a shot. Reflections and shadows can be better anticipated and controlled to give exactly the look and feel the photographer wants.

The modelling lamp has five brightness levels and five colour temperature settings. It can also act as an AF assist lamp in poor lighting conditions. It’s switched on either with a dedicated LAMP button on the EL-1 itself or with a double-half-press of the camera’s shutter release.

The time for which the modelling lamp stays on once activated can be changed from 5 min to 30 min or to ‘unlimited’. It switches off just before the flash fires so that its brightness doesn’t affect the image being captured. It then stays off until next activated.

1 1/8192 to 1/1 power charging time required for firing.

2 At 23 degrees C, with the fan set to ON, and before reaching flash firing restriction Level 1, with no flash adapters fitted (bursts up to 160 full power flashes with the flash zoomed from 150-200mm.)

3 Guide number 60 measured for meters at ISO 100 and 200mm zoom head setting.

4 Indicates the remaining capacity of the internal battery only, not external power sources.

5 Minimum flash output is 1/128 for high-speed sync or optical wireless transmission.