IRIScan Desk 5


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Desktop camera scanner

IRIScan Desk 5, the USB-powered desktop camera scanner, scans your books, your documents (contracts, passports, drawings, deeds, etc.) and captures everything on video. Discover a fresh, new approach to scanning with the most efficient performance ever seen.

Scan books at top speed without constraints (max. A4)

IRIScan™ Desk scans your books at an impressive rate: scan and export a double page to black and white PDF in just three seconds. Thanks to its smart image flattening and edge correction algorithm, you can obtain a perfect result. This document camera detects the page change automatically and erases all traces of your fingers, as if by magic. There is a programmable timer to perform scans at regular intervals. In addition, it merges your book pages by marking the front and back covers. Export them to ePub, PDF or, even better, combined with Readiris Corporate (optional), to .MP3 and .WAV audio files! Read your books on any reader, tablet or smartphone. An unrivalled book scanner.

Smart image processing for nearly perfect results

Stop damaging your bound documents: IRIScan™ Desk restores a flat appearance to each page of the book (image flattening capability). This document camera enhances your documents by giving you the following functions, amongst others: automatic edge detection, automatic cropping, image correction, deletion of fingers, automatic movement detection, etc. Stop waiting for a flatbed scanner to boot up, and don’t waste any more time carefully positioning your papers and books to scan them. Place them however you like under the IRIScan™ Desk – it will create perfectly straight, flat and legible files from them, at any time, in a split second!

Wide choice of export formats and automatic document cropping

The IRIScan™ Desk incorporates OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This allows the document camera to recognise more than 130 languages (including Arabic, Chinese, and Hebrew). Thanks to OCR, preserve the layout of your document whilst making it editable. Take advantage of a wide choice of export formats: JPG, PDF, TXT, JPG+XLS, JPG+TXT. In addition, the IRIScan™ Desk detects when multiple documents are placed under its camera: their edges are detected very accurately. These documents are then cropped and saved as separate files or not, for impressive scanning efficiency.

Camera compatible with various video conferencing apps

The IRIScan™ Desk 5 visual presenter is particularly interesting for anyone using Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. on a daily basis, either for distance learning or teleworking! Broadcast your webcam and the image of your IRIScan™ Desk camera-scanner simultaneously in Teams, Skype, Zoom and Google Meet for more interactivity than ever before!

Take the stress out of distance learning

Don’t be nervous about organizing your virtual classes anymore! The built-in free software makes it easy for you to use this tool during your video conferences. This visual presenter will allow you to give lessons in an interactive and multi-screen way, at an unbeatable price.