Quenox Spider Steady DSLR Rig shoulder stand


SKU: 31514226


This DSLR Rig allows a stable, camera shake-free camera recording with DSLR cameras & camcorders. The Rig can be configured accordingly for each shooting situation by means of the pivoting or folding arms and guide handles: either for videos in the ground-level area or as a shoulder support, to create an additional rest point and to minimize camera shake during video recording.


Many mounting options for accessories

At the joints as well as the ends of the swivel arms and guide handles, there are 1/4 inch threads, which can be attached to numerous accessories: eg articulated arms with a monitor, a video light or a microphone.

– rigid but lightweight aluminum construction

– extremely low pack size – rear swing arm (shoulder rest) with telescopic extension

– clamping screws for locking the guide

– handles and swivel arms – camera belt in rail (7.5cm) movable from front and rear

– No slipping & scratching

– ergonomic guide handles with foam padding


 Technical details:

Dimensions: approx. 30 x 17 x 8,5cm (folded)

Weight: approx. 1150g Carrying

Capacity: approx. 4kg

Camera screw : 1/4 inch

Material: aluminium