Walimex pro 56cm 5-in-1 Foldable Reflector Kit


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Unleash your photographic potential with endless lighting possibilities, thanks to the Walimex pro 56cm 5-in-1 Foldable Reflector Kit. This versatile tool empowers you to adapt to any lighting situation, both in the studio and on spontaneous outdoor shoots, adding a new level of flexibility to your workflow.

Multiple Applications:

  • Warm, golden glow: Achieve a flattering, sun-kissed look in portraits with the gold reflector.
  • Crisp, cool reflections: The silver reflector is perfect for highlighting details in product photography or adding dramatic effects.
  • Soft, neutral light: Get even, natural-looking illumination with the white reflector, ideal for portraiture.
  • Selective control: Use the black cover to darken specific areas in portraits, creating moody or dramatic effects.
  • Diffuse harsh sunlight: Soften bright outdoor light with the diffuser screen for a flattering, almost ethereal glow.
  • High-key perfection: Use the diffuser as a backlit background for a bright, airy aesthetic.

Round Design:

The round shape makes this reflector universally flattering for both portrait and product photography, whether you’re using it as a fill light or creating dramatic effects. The included loop allows for easy hand-holding, while you can also use universal clamps or stands for hands-free control.

Premium Quality:

Experience exceptional build quality with the extra-strong spring ring ensuring smooth, crease-free reflective surfaces. This reduces post-processing time and ensures professional results. The durable fabric carrying bag protects your reflector from the elements, while the compact folding design makes it easy to take anywhere.