Vanguard ALTA BH-100 Arca Compatible Ball Head


SKU: 244006


The Vanguard ALTA BH-100 Arca Compatible Ball Head is a multi-action ball head with precision control. With a carrying capacity of 10kg you can bet your gear on top will remain rock steady. This ball head has a separate locking knob, friction knob and panning knob allowing the unit to adjust to your working style.

  • Never Waver – 3 independent knobs (easy-to-grip main ball lock, ergonomic friction control & 360° panning knobs)
  • Intuitive positioning in a matter of seconds
  • Aircraft aluminium for lightweight and long-lasting performances
  • Dual bubble levels allow for easy quick fine-tuning and seamless positioning
  • “Arca-Swiss” quick release system compatible, and a built-in safety pin
  • 58mm Ball Head Base with dual 3/8″ to 1/4″ reducer bushing