Vanguard VEO 3+ 263 AB 160S TRIPOD


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The VEO 3+ 263AB-160S is a premium aluminium all-in-one tripod kit packed with numerous innovative features and useful configurations for photographers, videographers, and streamers who like to pack more than just a camera. Additionally, this model comes with Vanguard’s new VEO BH-160S dual-axis ball head.

• Innovative Multi-Angle Central Column (MACC) system moves from 0- to 180-degree angles in variable vertical and horizontal positions
• Comes complete with a new Vanguard BH-160S dual-axis ball head
• Three adjustable leg angles: 23°, 50°, 80°
• Grip and go with non-slip, all-weather grips on 2 legs
• Convert one leg into a monopod for maximum flexibility
• Spiked feet, tripod bag, VEO+MA1 adaptor, and hex wrench included
• Large quick-twist leg locks offer increased stability and smooth extension
• Removable hook can be used to hang weight for additional stability