Vanguard VEO ADAPTOR R48 Black Backpack


SKU: 250229


The VEO ADAPTOR R48 BK backpack does everything you’d expect from a camera bag in a sleek modern design, but also includes a USB interface port to allow you to set it up to charge your camera or smartphone on the go.
Key features:
  • Rear Access (can be set up for top access)
  • USB-A port to allow kit to be charged on the go*
  • Fits a pro DSLR camera, 6-8 lenses (up to 400mm F2.8/500mm F4 or 150-600mm zoom), a flash, accessories and a 16” Macbook
  • Multiple pockets for cables, SD cards and more
  • Carries a tripod on the front for optimal balance
  • Ergonomic harness system with waist strap that tucks away when not needed
  • Reflective stitching for extra protection if travelling at night
  • Improved waterproof material, with rain cover for wetter days
  • Camera Compartment Dimensions: 260 × 160 × 480mm
  • External Dimensions: 290 × 220 × 490mm
  • Weight: 1.45kg