Vanguard VEO RANGE T48 NV


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The ultra-versatile VEO Range T48 NV Tactical Backpack has an interior that can be adapted for almost any kit combination, making it an ideal companion for practically anyone — not just photographers. Additionally, the exterior webbing can be configured to attach almost any kit for your trip. For example:

Pro Photographers – Set it up to hold a pro-DSLR and up to 9 lenses, with lenses up to 400mm f/2.8, and a 16” MacBook
Travel Photographers – Set it up to hold a travel tripod up to 17.7″ long inside the backpack, along with numerous lenses inside; plus, disguise the fact that you’re carrying a valuable camera kit on your travels
Birdwatchers – Set it up to hold a spotting scope inside with space that can be compartmentalized for a kit
Hiking/Everyday Backpack – Simply remove the interior and use it as an everyday backpack
Other Key Features:

Rear access to your camera/lenses, with fast side access
Meets most major airline onboard size and form-factor restrictions
Holds a tripod on the outside of the backpack using the removable foot pocket
Small daypack section can be set up for everyday items or even more photography equipment
Multiple pockets for all the bits and pieces you need for your work
Ergonomic harness system and padded back with airflow
Always protected – well-padded all around
Chunky, textured zips make it easy to open, even when wearing gloves
High-quality, water-resistant material with additional seam-sealed rain cover