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Find out how Readiris can enhance your business workflows.

Consultancy Services

Professional consultancy services, regardless of your industry of specialization, are driven by customer outcomes. You share in their victories and work hard to keep their momentum moving in the right direction. Efficient, high-quality Communication is at the heart of your service offerings. Readiris PDF can help you leverage the power of PDF documents, giving you the tools necessary to provide superior customer outcomes.

Embracing Optimized Workflows

Efficiency drives authority. Your clients expect expert advice from you. Readiris helps deliver. Our PDF management platform helps you take control of your information sharing practices, from in-document editing capabilities, to incredible scanning and OCR capture, to creating functional eSignature templates, Readiris can help to radically advance your digitization efforts and improve your workflows.

Imagine the power of mastering cloud-based documentation, minimized human error, and better customer outcomes. With the Readiris suite, scanning documents and file composing or PDFs become the business tool that they’re meant to be.

Adaptable Documentation, Better Service

No matter your industry, every consultancy service employs a fleet of forms and docu­ments. Readiris gives you the power to process, edit, and change business-critical pa­perwork as you see fit, including: Client statement of accounts, Contracts, Yearly bal­ance sheets, Mortgage documents, General account statements.

Readiris can handle any document type you throw at it, easily converting to -or from- the PDF format to a host of other file types including Office 365 documents and JPEGS.

Driving client success with Readiris PDF

Your clients depend on your wisdom and experience to help guide them to success. Make sure you have the right tools for the job. The Readiris PDF management platform offers best-of-brand software solutions designed to tackle all aspects of the PDF for­mat. The Readiris suite includes functions such as:

  • Versatile PDF conversion tools
  • Signature stamps and eSignature functionality
  • Text editor
  • PDF merging, combination, and splitting functions
  • Powerful scanning and OCR capture

The Readiris platform can help you drive customer success to new levels.

Real Estate

The real estate market is surging. The industry is currently in the midst of one of the biggest seller’s markets in history. The modern-day real estate market moves at the speed of light You and your real estate firm need software solutions that can keep pace. The Readiris PDF management suite can help you streamline, digitise, and maxi­mize your firm’s operations.

Digital Transformation

The days of the real estate agent bearing a portfolio of hardcopy documents are on the decline. Nearly every professional vertical imaginable, from healthcare to academ­ics, is moving toward an integrated, cloud-based approach to information sharing, and the real estate industry is no different.

The Readiris PDF manager can help accelerate your firm’s digitization efforts, improv­ing the portability of all your business-critical documents. The end result? Leaner, more adaptable agents with the tools necessary to close the deal.

Managing your documents

PDFs link the world together in profound ways. They make information sharing quick, easy, and painless. Sometimes you need to do more with a document than share it, though. That’s where Readiris comes into play.

From in-text editing to eSignatures and stamp overlays, on top of OCR, scanning and Document Composing features, Readiris gives you full control over your library of documents. Readiris can help you mould critical documents to your specific need, in­cluding:

  • Marketing collaterals
  • Rental contracts
  • Leasing offers
  • Building design forms
  • Confidential client documentation/li>
  • General work orders
  • Official offer documentation/li>

Every document in the real estate industry is essential. Every form is also a living document, evolving to meet the situation at hand. Readiris gives you authority over all your necessary documentation.

Boosting Your Professional Profile With Readiris PDF

Real estate success is all about two things: client satisfaction and employee productivi­ty. Success in these two categories means a more stable bottom line for your firms as a whole. Readiris PDF management software is a feature-rich application that includes all the necessary PDF functions such as in-text editing, robust OCR and scanning capa­bilities, a wide variety of PDF conversion options, and PDF combination features and file composing ability. Real estate success is about adaptability. Give your agents the tools they need to thrive with Readiris PDF.

Transportation and Logistics

Logistics makes the world go round. It is the stitch that weaves the global economy together. Keeping your supply chain moving at the speed of consumer demands re­quires a mix of knowledge, dedication, and technology. In an industry centered on op­erational efficiency, the Readiris PDF management application can help you take your supply chain management game to the next level.

The new digital frontier

When managing the full complexity of your supply chain -from procurement to transport- a trail of cumbersome hardcopy paperwork just doesn’t cut it in the mod­ern-day logistics arena. You need communications that are fast and adaptable with technology that’s even faster. The Readiris PDF management suite can help.

Our All-in-One OCR, scanning, Document composing & PDF management tool can drastically help logistics professionals:

  • Cut costs
  • Reduce paper build up and clutter
  • Minimise human error
  • Building design forms
  • Keep operations more organised
  • Improve your bottom line

Simplify your supply chain

From proof of delivery to work orders, shipment planning measures, and expense re­ports, the last thing your supply chain needs is unnecessary complication. Our feature­ rich suite of PDF editing, conversion, and combination tools helps you keep your orga­nization on task and moving smoothly across every link in the supply chain.

Boosting Your Professional Profile with Readiris PDF

To succeed in the logistics field, your company has to prioritize employee productiv­ity and customer satisfaction. Anything less and your supply chain falls apart. With the Readiris PDF suite, you regain control over your workflows with a full set of PDF func­tions, including:

  • In-document editing
  • Merging, combining and splitting of PDF documents
  • Stamps, signatures and eSignatures
  • OCR capture and scanning
  • Versatile range of PDF conversion options (e.g. PDF to Word, Word to PDF)

The Readiris PDF suite is designed to keep your logistical operations running smoothly and efficiently. We’d love to show you the power of our PDF editing suite in action.

Academic Institutions

In order to inspire the next generation of global citizens, you need the right tools for the job. Incorporating technology in the academic setting is just as important as ex­posing students to a wide array of life experiences. Using the PDF format in the educa­tion sector accomplishes both tasks simultaneously.

Leveraging the PDF Format to Your Institution’s Benefit

Life moves fast but technology moves faster In order to raise good digital citizens, stu­dents of all ages must be exposed to the brand of technology that makes the working world go round. With the PDF’s popularity across industries worldwide, it is important that students learn how to work with the form to both consume and disseminate knowledge more efficiently.

Universities and schools themselves benefit from PDF usage. PDFs give institutions like
these a way to digitize their business-critical paperwork, making for more agile and adaptable educators.

An Investment in the Future

With our Readiris PDF management platform, Readiris makes it easy to harness the power of the PDF for educational purposes. Readiris is committed to the education of our students nationwide. We offer education-friendly, enterprise pricing up to 50% off the retail price of our software for qualified institutions.

The Right Tools for Success

The Readiris PDF software is a best-of-breed software solution that, on top of OCR, scanning and Document Composing features, gives users access to a suite of manage­ment features such as:

  • Powerful PDF conversion tools
  • Signature stamps and eSignature capabilities
  • PDF text editor, stamps, and other mark-up tools
  • PDF merging, combination, and splitting features
  • Robust scanning and OCR capabilities

The Readiris platform gives you complete control over your transferable digital docu­ments. Whether you are converting JPGs to PDF format, directly editing your PDF documents, or creating a secure and searchable PDF database, the Readiris PDF management tool lets you harness the power of communication.


Businesses across the spectrum thrive when both their employees and consumers are healthy. The strength of modern medicine comes from the intersection of passion­ate, patient-centered care, access to the latest medical information, and the advent of cutting-edge technology.

Our Readiris PDF management platform gives medical professionals, from hospitalists to private practi­tioners, the unmatched control they need over their digital documentation.

Streamlining Your Process

The field of medicine is a booming industry. According to a recent Guardian article, general practitioners in England sometimes visit up to 40 patients per day. With such a heavy workload, the goal of any software solution should be to help the practitioner streamline their processes. That’s where Readiris comes in.

With our PDF editing and management tools, general practitioners can digitize their existing processes and key documents. The end result? More time spent face to face with your patients.

Ensuring the Health of Your Practice

There’s an old adage: time is money. It’s an idea that applies directly to the healthcare industry. The Readiris suite of PDF management tools helps doctors and other medical professionals cut down on misspent time by streamlining communications and docu­mentation. In turn, the time saved by fully leveraging the power of the PDF contributes directly to your bottom line, helping keep your practice solvent for years to come.

Getting Started with Readiris PDF

The Readiris PDF platform is a best-of-breed software solution that, on top of OCR, scanning and Document Composing features, allows users to access a full line of fea­tures including:

  • PDF conversion tools (E.g. PDF to Word, JPEG to PDF, etc)
  • Signature overlays and eSignature capabilities
  • PDF text editor, stamp overlays, and additional mark-up tools
  • PDF merging, combination, and splitting functionality
  • Robust scanning and OCR capabilities

Readiris is dedicated to serving the heroes in our nation’s healthcare industry.

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