Effectively managing your organisation’s information relies on a range of factors. Our corporate solutions target these very issues, so you can add real value to the way you work. At Avantech we can help you automate processes and capture data you never thought possible by combining off-the-shelf tools with customised services. See examples of our recent projects and developments here.

Document Management Systems

We have extensive experience in the provision of services related to the management of documents within organisations.

Documents are the containers of information, and information is the lifeblood of every organisation. They come in both physical paper form and digital form too. Emails, PDFs, Word documents and spreadsheets, CAD files, images – even audio and video files – all these file types can contain potentially critical information that needs to be protected and secured. The digitization of paper allows for added security, enhanced disaster recovery, new efficiencies brought about by fresh sharing opportunities, automatic full text indexing and access to information over mobile telephones and tablets.

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Integration with back-end software systems

The integration of our document management to an organisation’s existing applications and systems allows us to exponentially increase the cost effectiveness of our service, as document management becomes an integral part of the customer’s workflow. We are able to implement specific workflow templates to customers’ processes, ensuring full process auditability and traceability.

Paper scanning

Scanning of paper is always a major challenge for organisations implementing document management for the first time, and so we are able to help with the sale or lease of Canon’s acclaimed high-speed specialized document scanners. We are able to handle the scanning of your document archive for you, in our premises or in yours. We are even able to store your archives for you, while giving you secure online access to the items we have on storage for you. And finally, we are able to automatically track those documents that you have scheduled for destruction at the end of their useful lives, giving you a destruction certificate at the end of the shredding process.

Complete Printer Output Management

uniFLOW is an integrated platform application for multifunctional devices (MFD) that maximises the efficiency of both input (scanning) and output (print, copy, fax) in one application. It enables organisations to effectively control and manage their print environment and also delivers intelligent scanning capabilities.

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