Canon EOS R5 (body only)


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The Canon EOS R5 is a revolutionary mirrorless camera that redefines the boundaries of both photography and videography. With its exceptional 45-megapixel sensor, groundbreaking Dual Pixel CMOS AF II system, and powerful in-body image stabilization, the EOS R5 delivers stunning image quality and exceptional performance in any lighting condition.

Capture Breathtaking Stills

Capture incredibly detailed 45-megapixel images at up to 20 frames per second with full AF and AE tracking, even in complete silence with the electronic shutter. The EOS R5’s deep-learning AF system ensures that subjects are tracked with precision, even when moving erratically or in low light.

Film in Stunning 8K

Capture breathtaking 8K RAW video internally to a CFexpress card or externally to an Atomos Ninja V+ device. Enjoy continuous AF with eye and face tracking, even in 8K, for incredible cinematic results.

Powerful Image Stabilization for Seamless Shooting

Embrace innovative ways to shoot with the EOS R5’s five-axis in-body image stabilization, which provides up to 8 stops of shake compensation when used with compatible RF lenses. This incredible stabilization system ensures sharp images and smooth video even in low-light conditions.

Unparalleled Realism with the Electronic Viewfinder

Experience new levels of realism with the EOS R5’s electronic viewfinder, which refreshes at a staggering 120 frames per second and features an impressive 5.76 million dots. This high-resolution viewfinder provides a truly immersive viewing experience, allowing you to capture stunning images and videos with total confidence.

AF and Subject Tracking Powered by Deep Learning AI

The EOS R5’s EOS ITR AF X autofocus system utilizes deep-learning AI technology to accurately recognize and track a wide range of subjects, including faces, eyes, vehicles, cats, dogs, and birds. With this intelligent AF system, you can effortlessly capture sharp images and videos of moving subjects, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Improved Workflow with Enhanced Connectivity

Efficiently transfer images and videos to smart devices, cloud accounts, and clients using the EOS R5’s built-in Wi-Fi. For even faster and more secure transfers, utilize the optional WFT-R10 Wi-Fi grip, which offers gigabit Ethernet, MIMO antennas for improved Wi-Fi, and secure image transmission by SFTP.

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