Canon EOS R6 Mark II + RF 10-20mm f/4L IS STM


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Be creative without compromise. The EOS R6 Mark II has breakneck speed, class-leading performance and professional filmmaking features that let you master your craft – however you like to shoot.

Capturing perfect moments in time

Capture fleeting moments at up to 40fps with sensational image quality, even in near-darkness. AI-based, deep-learning AF locks on to fast-moving subjects wherever they are in the frame.

Filmmaking without compromise

Full-width oversampled 4K 60p footage looks simply superb. Intuitive features – such as intelligent AF and a powerful Image Stabilizer – make professional results easy to achieve.

AF that anticipates your next move

Our next generation of deep-learning AI autofocus delivers an even more powerful performance – 80% faster than the original EOS R6. The EOS R6 Mark II recognises and tracks more subjects with greater speed, reliability and precision than ever.

Finds more subjects than ever before

People – Find eyes, faces, heads and bodies Birds – Including those in flight
Cats – Wild and tame, big and small Cars – Even tracks drivers or open-top cars
Dogs – From Dalmations to Dingos Motorbikes – On the racetrack or the road
Horses – Including Zebras Aircraft – Aeroplanes and helicopters

Sticks like glue

Adapts as your subject moves, responding to changing speed, direction and pose.

Turn night into day

Even when you’re struggling to see, the EOS R6 Mark II focuses quickly and precisely. The camera locks on confidently in as little light as -6.5 EV1 – that’s less than the light from a half-moon.

Explosive speed always ready

Capturing that decisive moment has never been easier. The EOS R6 Mark II shoots at up to 40fps with its electronic shutter and 12 fps mechanically. In the 30fps RAW Burst mode9, Pre-release capture lets you freeze moments that happened up to 0.5 sec before you pressed the button.

Embrace the darkness

The EOS R6 Mark II’s 24.2-megapixel sensor delivers an ideal balance of speed, image quality and low-light performance. The ability to focus in conditions as dark as -6.5EV1 (less than the light of a half-moon) is complemented by a maximum ISO 102,400 sensitivity and an Image Stabilizer that’s effective up to 8 stops2.

The freedom to shoot handheld

The EOS R6 Mark II’s In-body Image Stabilizer works hand-in-hand with the optical IS in many Canon lenses. The result is up to 8 stops of protection against camera shake when shooting handheld.

Shoot long-exposure photos handheld, intentionally blurring moving subjects while keeping everything else pin-sharp – all without reaching for a tripod.

Even steadier movies

The EOS R6 Mark II’s IS recognises more types of camera movement than other cameras. When shooting video, IBIS and optical IS systems are joined by Movie Digital IS for footage that looks like it was shot professionally with a gimbal.

Shoot more, worry less

Shoot photos for 50 percent longer using standard LP-E6NH batteries. The EOS R6 Mark II is compatible with existing LP-E6 series batteries and the BG-R10 battery grip too

Professional tools, professional footage

Transform how you think about video, with innovative features that put Hollywood effects and cinematic quality at your fingertips.

Shoot for longer

The EOS R6 Mark II can shoot beyond the 30-minute clip limit found in traditional cameras making it perfect for interviews, conferences and performances. It also keeps cool for longer thanks to improved heat efficiency.

Remain focused

With the EOS R6 Mark II’s Detect only AF option switched on, the camera won’t refocus on the background if the subject moves out of the shot. It’s a feature inspired by our Cinema EOS C70 camera, imitating the work of a professional focus puller to achieve cinematic results.

Pioneering filmmaking features – False colour warnings

Another technology shared with Canon’s Cinema EOS family, the EOS R6 Mark II’s false colour warnings give an easy-to-see indication of current exposure levels. Six colours, each representing a different luminance level, are overlaid on viewfinder and viewscreen images.

6K ProRes Raw

For the ultimate in flexibility and image quality, shoot 6K ProRes RAW video using an ATOMOS V+ external recorder. The footage is easier to grade and has more dynamic range. Extra resolution lets you crop while retaining 4K quality.

Professional audio options

Connect high-quality digital microphones and XLR adapters via the EOS R6 Mark II’s multi-function shoe, for the soundtrack your movies deserve.

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