Skaarhoj RC-SK5 Remote Camera Controller


SKU: 4447V442


The Skaarhoj RC-SK5 controller, produced by world-renowned panel experts SKAARHOJ exclusively for Canon, combines Canon’s XC Protocol with a professional quality joystick, zoom rocker, dials, and presets to give your multi-camera production the versatility you need to deliver videos that sparkle with fresh, creative innovation – with you at the heart.

Create a seamless, multi-camera workflow

Integrate different cameras into your production and control them all thanks to the Canon XC protocol, unlocking the potential to control multiple PTZ cameras alongside Canon camcorders via an IP network.

Control and fine-tune with incisive control

A professional quality and ergonomically designed joystick delivers a tactile and responsive link to each connected camera, bringing intuitive control and precision.

Monitor everything with smooth, precise control

Perform smooth wide-to-tele transitions with a Zoom Rocker that works like a pro camcorder. Stay in control with dedicated dials for Iris, Focus, R and B Gain, Master and Pedestal.

Enjoy versatile control with multiple control sets

The RC-SK5 has 20 choices of control sets that govern four tasks each, delivering up to 80 sets. Stay responsive and flexible by pre-programming angles and transitions. All presets are displayed on the panel for monitoring and control.

Connect to a wider SKAARHOJ ecosystem

The RC-SK5 can be connected to other SKAARHOJ products, such as the side panel Frame Shot Pro offering even more intuitive control with colour images of preset positions.

Link to other third-party devices

With an additional paid licence, the RC-SK5 gives you the freedom to extend, customise and connect to other products and devices from different manufacturers.

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